Media Relations Practice

G3 Public Relations practices ongoing media relations efforts with a wide spectrum of local, statewide, and national press.
 Media relations means contacting and consistently informing members of the media about how your organization is doing even when nothing major is occurring. For a company, that means following the reporters who cover their industry, keeping up with industry trends, and placing the company’s operations within the context of those trends. For a pension, that might mean pre- and/or post-Board meeting briefings, or conversations about Board elections.  For associations, it means creating surveys, studies and other data that reporters can use to launch larger stories.
While 95% of what you tell the reporter about routine operations might not be used in a next day story, it helps ensure they don’t make uninformed mistakes in their reporting when they do file. Recovering from mischaracterizations is costly in terms of time and effort to correct them, and they need not happen in the first place. Good media relations ensures they do not. We
G3 Public Relations has contacts in all Texan and nation media channels and print organization by virtue of our work with the Red Cross, TEXPERS, and various politicians.

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